Disinfecting Your World Through Nanotechcnology Based Sanitisation!

Introducing Nano Care Life, the total sanitizing service for homes. In less than 30 seconds of application, our bacterial mist will kill 99.9% of all microbes and viruses including coronavirus-sars cov 2, which leads to the illness Covid 19. Treatment remains fully effective for a minimum of 6 months. We offer a fast, efficient service throughout Bangalore.

Who We Are

Nano Care Life is a reactive and proactive sanitization firm in Bangalore, India who combine years of sanitization experience with the latest specialist equipment and disinfectants. We offer exceptional disinfection solutions using nanotechnology that are unique to each individual property and make your home or workplace incredibly free from all pathogens and viruses. Sanitizing surfaces from your kitchen, office, industrial equipments and more, our professionals are fully-vetted and have the expertise to deal with every decontamination challenge.

We are one number you need to get for all your domestic and commercial disinfection problems which just happens to be one of Bangalore’s best nanotechnology based sanitization agencies.

In addition, we believe that the products we use really matter. We are dedicated to offer you the most effective, most durable, best performing nanotechnology based sanitization services and products which are tested, non-toxic and of the highest quality which makes your home and workplace a healthier and safer environment.

We promise our customers to provide an exemplary sanitization, second-to-none customer care and a commitment to service that is unrivalled.


We offer an extensive range of sanitizing solutions tailored to clients’ needs. We have a long-lasting antimicrobial nanotechnology solution to remove COVID and other viruses on surfaces. Viruses spread when a person touches contaminated surfaces then directly touch their mouth, nose or eyes. Virus droplets contaminate surfaces for several days, with routine sanitizing and disinfection required.

Many commercial surface disinfectants kill the viruses but does not protect from future contamination. This leads to the virus returning once the infected people come back to the area. That’s where our nanotechnology based disinfectants stand out from other disinfectants to provide world-class virus-resistant sanitizing solutions.

Our treatment works as it forms a nano-scale layer over the surface of base materials which not only makes them easier to clean as it repels liquid and dirt, it also provides a protective antimicrobial layer to constantly kill viruses, bacteria, moulds and fungi. The microbe is physically killed as the surface punctures the cell’s outer wall, rendering it inactive. Our treatment provides a proven minimum 6-month antimicrobial protection to all treated areas and is completely safe and non-toxic.

We offer not only sanitization services, but also sell nanotechnology based disinfectant products, all at the most competitive and brilliant prices. Our services are performed with real integrity and the highest standards of professionalism.


We are fully compliant with ISSA, GBAC and ISO 21702 accreditation. We are also certified by SGS India, Advance Research & Testing Lab, TNTH, Fortis Bangalore, Hybrinomics, FICCI and Eurofins with years of experience in disinfecting contaminated domestic, commercial and public spaces.

Why Choose Nano Care Life

  • We go beyond the simple sanitizing services everyone else offers. At Nano Care, we believe in energizing your world, through our NABH certified product for sanitization with a passion and dedication to fully optimizing your environment. From our outstanding sanitizing and specialist disinfection expertise, our promise to you is immaculateness and a clean environment.
  • We offer an incredibly safe, secure, reliable and flexible nano-level sanitization and disinfection service and products which are colorless, odorless and bleach-free, for a wide range of sectors.
  • Our sanitization treatment remains fully effective for up to 6 months and is proven to kill 99.99% (T&C Applied) of microbes and viruses. With a dedicated team of proactive people for every client, we are always discovering new methods to bring more efficiency to what we do – managing your environment and maximizing the value we deliver to you.
  • Our dedication to our people has resulted in an outstanding team dedicated to their jobs. With a focus to provide best services to clients at all times, our team uses executive PPE Kits and Mist Gun for a safe sanitization and disinfection

Best-In-Class Home & Office Disinfection Service


Our expert sanitizing professionals are carefully selected and screened and then fully trained to give them a deep understanding of products and procedures and help them provide top-notch services at all times. We assign a required team of professionals depending on the size of the place to be sanitized for each job and we try to allocate the same crew to a regular booking in order to ensure a consistent service. They are adept in disinfecting and sanitizing various surfaces, including even the most delicate places. Our professionals will disinfect your home or workplace thoroughly using some of the most sophisticated and advanced technologies and gets rid of any pathogens and viruses. Our teams are equipped with high-end professional equipments provided by leading manufacturers in the industry.

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