Silver X – Nanotechnology Based Disinfectant For Domestic, Commercial And Industrial Sectors

Silver X is an eco-friendly, multi-component oxidizing biocide. A highly effective sanitizing solution is formed utilizing a stable combination of Hydrogen Peroxide with Nano Silver and Nano Copper in colloidal form and as dispersive agents. This combination is so effective that it creates a biocide which is 100 times more powerful than Hydrogen Peroxide. It has efficient bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal abilities.

Advantages of Nano Silver X:

  • Contact time is just 30 seconds and is completely alcohol free
  • High Protection Levels – The Nano-particles reside on the surfaces to combat viruses and pathogens
  • Eco-Friendly Properties – Non-Toxic, Bio-Friendly, Biodegradable, Non-Corrosive, Odorless and pose no health problems
  • Effective Application – Air (Fumigation & Fogging), HVAC Systems, Face Masks, PPE Kits, Fabrics and every other vulnerable surfaces
  • World-Class disinfectant for unhygienic and viral conditions
    Has a broad spectrum of microbes to combat lethal pathogens and viruses

Recommended Area of Usage:

  • Indoor and Outdoor surfaces
  • Floors
  • Kitchen and Kitchen Appliances
  • Home Appliances
  • Bathrooms and Toilets
  • Pet Areas
  • Furniture and Fabrics
  • Walls and Ceiling
  • Offices, Malls, Clinics, Hospitals, Operation Theatres, Hotels & Restaurants
  • Function Halls, Cinema Halls , Resorts, Schools & Colleges, Gated Communities
  • Exteriors and Interiors of Cars

Method of Usage:

  • Shake well before use
  • Add 10ml Silver X to 1ltr of water and apply it on vulnerable areas using a fine mist sprayer
  • Add 5-10ml Silver X to 1ltr of water to mop on Floors and Tiles

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